• I understand that for safety reasons my child must be able to swim 25 yards without assistance. No flotation device, no adult assistance.

  • I understand that if deemed necessary, my child will be put into a "probationary" period, where they cannot swim in a swim meet and cannot participate in practice without 1-on-1 assistance from an adult, until they can pass an evaluation that will allow them to SAFELY participate in practices and Swim Meets.

  • I understand that, if requested, I may be asked to be in the pool during practices to ensure the safety of my child - while receiving instruction so that the coaches can focus on the team/age group as a whole and does not have to worry about the safety of a single swimmer. This would be required only if my swimmer is on "probation".

  • I understand, if requested, that I will enroll in 1-on-1 swim lessons with one of the swim team coaches to help improve my child's swimming ability and confidence so that they may safely participate in practices and Swim Meets without assistance. Swim lessons are made available to Swim Team members at a discounted rate.

  • I understand that if my swimmer is placed on "probation", at any point in time I can request that my child be re-evaluated to see if they are able to swim 25 yards without assistance. At that time, it will be deemed by the head swim coach if the child is allowed to be in the pool without an adult and can participate in upcoming Swim Meets.